The Philippines was really weird for us - we turned up and got met by security at the airport and we were like, “all right, chill out!” and then we realised that when we got to our hotel we had our own floor…with security on our doors, every time we went for food they shut the restaurant down…everything they kept saying was, “God, this is worse than the Jonas Brothers,” - that was their point of reference! —Matty Healy on his experience in the Philippines (x)


Matty hugging Neil cause it was his last show with them (Positivus festival 20/07/2014)

Where’s George ?



Sex (2013)


found this one on instagram. no idea who took it. msg me if it’s your picture and you want credit :>

All these kids at the moment are living out their lives sountracked to The 1975. And I think it’s because they get it, they get us. And to have so many people adore our music, well I think it’s the reason that you do it, isn’t it? —Matty Healy, THE1975 (via thegemmajanes)

step into your skin? i’d rather jump in your bones. (x)


// the early days //

Weenie Roast 2014 - Part 2 


I’m never getting over how adorable Adam is